About Elizabeth

Ever since I could remember, I have had a passion for creative design. After graduating from Loyola University in Baltimore, in 2000, with a degree in Communications, I embarked on a journey of creative exploration with my first job at a fashion magazine, where I discovered my love for styling. What began as an interest grew into a full-blown passion, prompting me to move into my next role working for a fashion company in the Visual Merchandising and Store Design Department – a role that turned out to be every bit as fulfilling as I had hoped and which marked the start of my career in design. I was fortunate to work alongside amazing people who fueled my passion, pushed me to work hard and encouraged me to exercise and expand my creativity every step of the way. In this role, I spent several years designing retail stores around the world – traveling extensively, training staff, developing product merchandising strategies and creating and guiding the overall direction of store environments and window displays.

     Interior design and decorating homes was the natural next step for me. After many years in the VMSD field, I left the corporate world to set out on my own and I couldn’t be happier. Elizabeth Cinquini Interiors LLC is the culmination of my personal and professional journey – an opportunity to apply all the knowledge, experience and expertise I’ve acquired over the years in the service of helping clients create beautiful, affordable homes and spaces that reflect their unique personalities, needs and objectives.

     My style of design is eclectic and fun – a mix of mid-century modern, vintage, contemporary and timeless pieces blended to create a comfortable, yet unique space that inspires creativity. My passion for color and for mixing and layering patterns and textures allows me to design harmonious environments that reflect the client’s distinct personality. As a busy mom of two children, I share many of my clients’ needs for a home or space that conveys a sense of comfort, calm, warmth, order and happiness. And after all, isn’t that what a home is all about…